Dirty braking systems deliver poor braking performance. Clean disc brakes offer security. The TUNAP SPORTS brake cleaner removes brake dust in an intensive but gentle way, as well as oil residues and grease, from the disc and the piston. The TUNAP SPORTS brake cleaner cleans completely without leaving a residue for an optimal braking effect. Surfaces remain untouched and rubber seals are not attacked. The brake cleaner is also not at all dangerous for people due to use of a new formula for protection of the user's health. TUNAP SPORTS manufactures the cleaner out of environmentally and resource friendly materials using renewable raw materials. Important for workshops: as a very safe cleaner, it is also very difficult to ignite.


1. Spray the brake cleaner on parts to be cleaned (brake discs, brake body).

2. Allow the cleaner to take effect briefly. Wait until the solvent has evaporated off (5-10 seconds)

3. Using a cloth, wipe off the loosened dirt, rub all parts dry.

Content: 300 ml

RRP: 8,95 Euro

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Clean the chain and, despite this, have clean hands – the brush does the work! Lubricating anew again and again over the old protective film; the chain and the cassette can wear much quicker. Using the onetime combination of chain cleaner spray and cleaning brush, TUNAP SPORTS gets rid of unnecessary friction. It is now possible to clean the bicycle drive efficiently and quickly: The small brush bristles bring the drive cleaner directly onto the dirty oil residues and also into tight intermediate spaces. In this way one can maintain the basic lubrication of the rear derailleur, chain and sprocket wheel. The black “chain tattoos“ are immediately a thing of the past!


1. Place the small brush on the part to be cleaned, e.g. the rear

    derailleur, and press the spray head.

2. Distribute the active agent using the brush all over on the rear derailleur

    and allow let it to take effect briefly. This will allow the maximum cleaning

    power to develop.

3. Using a soft cloth remove the remaining dirt and re-lubricate the rear

    derailleur with TUNAP chain or Multi Oil.

Content: 300 ml

RRP: 12,95 Euro

Quick & Dirty / Ausgabe 09/2015

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Dirt and bad weather afflict the service life and function of the cycle; efficient cleaning is undertaken by the TUNAP SPORTS Intensive Bicycle Cleaner. Dust, oil films or baked on sludge are no longer a problem. Thanks to a specially developed formulation with so-called “extreme adhesion qualities“ in the liquid, the TUNAP SPORTS Intensive Bicycle Cleaner visibly sticks to the dirty locations and can act there even more intensively. Our Intensive Bicycle Cleaner does not attack any surfaces, is biologically degradable and it can be used without restrictions on all frame materials.


1. Flush off rough dirt using plenty of water.

2. Frame and all parts with TUNAP SPORTS Intensive

    Spray on the bicycle cleaner. Allow to take effect for at least 5 minutes.

3. Then thoroughly flush off the bicycle with water

Content: 1.000 ml

RRP: 14,95 Euro

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1. Thoroughly clean the chain free of old oil residues with TUNAP drive cleaner, then dry with a cloth.

2. Shake the chain oil strongly (10-15s), then place the brush on the chain.

3. Press on the spray head and turn the crank backwards until the chain has run right through once.

    Repeat the action so that the whole chain is sufficiently wet with chain oil.

4. Rub the chain off with a rag to remove excess oil.

Dry chains create a lot of friction which leads to much more wear. Whether one is using a city bike, racing bike or mountain bike, every chain and sprocket wheel needs optimal lubrication. The TUNAP Sports chain oil functions brilliantly simply and very efficiently due to use of a fine brush. The high quality lubricant for chain maintenance prevents corrosion and friction and thereby ensures a smooth and quietly running chain. Application with a fine brush distributes the chain spray evenly and in a targeted manner onto the chain. It also cares for the cassette and chain rings, but does not stick like chain grease; everything remains clean. A special adhesion additive for extreme loading prevents rapid spin off of the penetrating oil during acceleration and therefore ensures a long-term smooth drive.

Content: 125 ml

RRP: 10,95 Euro

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Cover those kilometres without any worries or spend weeks cruising through the city. The TUNAP Sports chain wax protects the drive over a long period against wear, without having to re-lubricate. The innumerable tiny PTFE particles in the chain spray creep into the chain and ensure lubrication while the wax basis seals the drive parts and applies a protective film around them. In this way everything remains clean; dirt cannot stick to parts. A tip from a professional: First lubricate with chain oil, then seal using wax – the perfect long-term chain care solution.


1. Thoroughly clean the chain free of old oil residues with TUNAP drive cleaner then dry with a cloth.

2. Shake the chain wax tin strongly (10-15s). Point the spray head at the chain.

3. During spraying, turn the crank backwards until the chain has run right through once.

    Repeat the action so that the whole chain is sufficiently supplied with chain wax.

4. Allow to work for five to ten seconds. Then wipe the chain off with a rag lightly.

Content: 125 ml

RRP: 11,95 Euro




Only a well functioning chassis can deliver the maximum performance off-road. Whether one is on a day tour, bike park or marathon race, the TUNAP Sports suspension fork cleaner from the spray can brings back the friction-free function of the forks quickly and simply. In doing so it also cares for and protects the valuable surface of the standpipes. Simply spray on the suspension fork oil, allow it to work for a while and then rub it off. The suspension fork spray removes dust and microscopic dirt; the sealing rings operate tangibly more friction-free again. The water-resistant lubricating film of the suspension fork grease also cares for shock absorbers and telescopic supports.


1. Thoroughly clean the bicycle using the TUNAP Intensive Cleaner.

2. Using a rag, dry the stand pipes and dip tubes on the shock absorbing and suspension elements.

3. Point the spray head at the dip tube and the sealing ring and spray onto both.

4. Allow to work for a short time then spring the bicycle up and down 2 to 3 times.

    Remove excess oil using a dry rag.

Content: 125 ml

RRP: 9,95 Euro

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There is nothing more practical: Through use of the integrated dispenser one can meter out the TUNAP SPORTS bearing grease perfectly where it is needed and thus protect moving parts of the bicycle for long periods against moisture and corrosion. The bearing grease which has been specially formulated for bicycles can absorb a great deal of moisture and therefore avoids damaging corrosion. Dirty weather or nasty temperatures do not affect TUNAP SPORTS bearing grease – under all conditions

This lubricant delivers an optimal performance

on parts under high loads such as gear hubs, headsets and bottom bracket bearings. The dirt rejecting characteristics are an important argument particularly for those who ride a lot. Due to its unique resistance to heat, the grease does not flow out of the bearing even under extreme sunshine.


1. Thoroughly clean the parts to be lubricated using TUNAP SPORTS drive or brake cleaner.

2. Meter out the required quantity of TUNAP SPORTS bearing grease

    from the dispenser and apply it a targeted fashion

3. Remove excess grease using rags.

Content: 100g

RRP: 12,95 Euro

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Whoever wishes to do the best for his bicycle after washing it or in-between, will find TUNAP SPORTS Multi Oil a great and effective help. Whether it is a matter of removing a slight rust film, lubrication of bearing or shock joints on a full suspension or maintaining and caring for the frame, TUNAP is your first choice. Five important areas are covered. TUNAP SPORTS Multi Oil is a cleaner, corrosion protection, rust remover, lubricant and contact spray all in one. The Multi Oil does not attack paint, seals, plastics or rubber.



1. Thoroughly clean the affected parts with TUNAP SPORTS drive or brake cleaner.

2. Spray the parts adequately with Multi Oil and allow to work.

3. Then remove rust or dirt using a cloth or a brush. Wipe off excess oil using soft rags.

Content: 125 ml

RRP: 9,95 Euro

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We maintain the same quality guarantee for the applicators of our products. The TUNAP SPORTS Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is the finishing touch of the cleaning process. It’s suitable for all surfaces and helps you in the maintenance of your bike. Not only does it smoothen streaks, it also absorbs the possible water residues. The cloth has very absorbing ultra-fine fibers and can be washed at 95°C. It is also suitable for cleaning spectacles, helmets, smartphones…

Size: 40X40cm

Material: 80% Polyester, 20% polyamide


RRP: 8,95 Euro


Encrusted mud and dirt is now a thing of the past! The TUNAP SPORTS Cleaning Brush has 2 brushing parts that completely cover the front and the back from your dirty bicycle parts. This 2-in-1 brush reaches all the places, making cleaning your bike feel like child’s play! The brush consists of medium-hard nylon bristles and the handle has a hole to ensure an easy storage of your brush.


RRP: 9,95 Euro

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